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One Piece Specimen: Robin – Nami’s part Chapter 2

One Piece Specimen: Robin – Nami’s part Chapter 2

Chopper cringed as the two girls snuggled into him, one at each side of him. Robin was the first to speak, her sultry voice whispering into Chopper’s ear as her fingers ran down his stomach and over his shaft. Nami’s fingers simply teased one of his nipples, pulling and squeezing.

“It appears you’ve been a good little boy, haven’t you?” Robin smiled down her nose as her fingers moved down his length to the ball sack. She kissed him. “I suppose we’ll reward you. You can have both of us for one night only.” she teased. In one quick movement Nami swung herself onto the bed, she knelt over Chopper, facing the foot of the bed. She caught up his hands and put them over her breasts as she settled herself on top of his face.

“You need to show how good you are!” she huffed, panting. “Robin has said nothing but good things about you.” Chopper responded instantly. His face turned up a bit under her and he began to lick her pussy, alternating long strokes of his tongue with quick, short jabs. Nami was already starting to bounce slightly up and down. Her hands covered his and directed the motion of his huge palms against her nipples. Robin leaned in to him.

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